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Vices - JayGo (ft. ryanlayzer)

Just another preview of what’s going on in the layzercave as of late. Pardon the rough mix. Stay tuned!

ryanlayzer’s latest single off of the upcoming album ‘slurzwordz’
Self Produced, Mixed, & Mastered.

Cover Art: Bill Kraus

New track from the young fuego lil dick bastard. Getting in on one of the tracks off the latest Shlohmo + Jeremih compilation. Ill vibes for ya chill wives. LayzerSquad.


Had the best weekend of my summer at the elephantink pop-up shop. Thank you for everybody who came out it means a lot to see people enjoy and appreciate something you have put effort in to give people good product and a great environment. 

ryanlayzer - Goodbye (Of Sorts)

Releasing a track out the vault in honor of playing his first show. Its an oldie about them drunks feelz. Check it.


Performing for the first time in front of an actual audience. LayzerSquad Up!

New track, created late in the lab one night. For your listening pleasures. #layzersquad


Just a little taste of what’s been going on in the lab as of late. Big plans for 2014 and every year that follows. LayzerSquad.

JayGo. A new young rapper just trying to live good and make tunes. Going to be doing a lot of work with layzersquad in the future. Check it.

Another track release off of the upcoming debut LP ‘slurzwordz’ by the obscure jokester ryanlayzer. Song has a different vibe then the rest of the album, but one day it will all make sense.